Research on the Impact and Countermeasures of The Digital Economy Era on The Development of Real Enterprises


  • Hao Jiang



Digital economy, Industry, Influence, Countermeasures.


With the continuous advancement of the scientific and technological revolution, the digital economy has widely affected all walks of life with the help of "Internet +". This paper focuses on analyzing the impact of the digital economy era on enterprise management and the problems faced by enterprises, and proposes methods and countermeasures for enterprises to carry out digital management transformation in three aspects: establishing digital management strategies, accelerating digital application and infrastructure construction, and cultivating digital management talents. Accelerate the entry into modern management and provide ideas for sustainable development. The digital economy is a new economic form produced with the modern information network as the carrier with the development of the scientific and technological revolution. With the development of society, the wide application and coverage of the Internet, and the impact of the new crown epidemic, the era of digital economy has accelerated. In the era of digital economy, the traditional enterprise management model is difficult to adapt to the current new business format. The digital economy is both a challenge and an opportunity for enterprises. To adapt to the impact of the digital economy, establish a digital management thinking, expand the application of digital technology in enterprise management, improve enterprise management efficiency, and find more development opportunities in the wave of the digital economy. It has become an inevitable choice in the process of enterprise management optimization.


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