Analysis of the Strategy of Advertising Implantation in Online Variety Shows

Taking "Escape from the Chamber of Secrets" as An Example


  • Ziyi Wang



Online variety; Advertising implantation; Strategy.


With the development of modern media technology, online media has become one of the main channels for people's leisure and entertainment with its characteristics of rapid transmission and two-way interaction. Among them, online self-made variety shows have developed rapidly on major video websites, and their wide audience and high ratings have attracted the attention of many advertisers. The success of advertising implantation in online variety shows depends on its placement methods and strategies to a large extent. Successful advertising placement will bring benefits to the brand, while taking into account the feelings of the audience. This article will analyze the different strategies of advertising placement in online variety shows by taking the case of Mirinda’s advertising placement in "Escape from the Chamber of Secrets" broadcast by Mango TV as the reference object.


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Wang, Z. (2023). Analysis of the Strategy of Advertising Implantation in Online Variety Shows: Taking "Escape from the Chamber of Secrets" as An Example. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 9(1), 54–56.