How Luxury Advertising Captures the Psychology of Audience

Take Chanel's top 5 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube for Example


  • Yuqin Long



Advertising and marketing strategies, Luxury brands, Visual presentation techniques, Celebrity effect, Consumer psychology.


Chanel is one of the world's leading luxury brands, whose advertisements often receive high airtime and widespread attention worldwide. The aim of this thesis is to examine Chanel's top five most aired advertisements over the past few years and to analyse the success factors of these advertisements. By collecting and analysing data, we identified Chanel's top five most broadcasted advertisements, including "Chanel No.5: The One That I Want", "Chanel Gabrielle: The New Fragrance " and "Chanel Chance: It's Your Chance". These ads have received tens of millions of views and shares not only on mainstream social media platforms such as YouTube, but also on advertising channels such as television and film. I further analysed the success factors of these ads and found that Chanel focused on brand image, emotional marketing and dramatic storytelling in the production of the ads. The themes of the Chanel ads are often closely related to the independence, confidence and beauty of the modern woman, which attracts a large audience and fan base through engaging plots and high quality visuals. In addition, the celebrity faces of Chanel's advertisements, such as Keira Knightley, Gisele Bundchen, Lily-Rose Depp and Kristen Steward, have brought additional exposure and word-of-mouth to the brand. With its wide popularity and reputation in the luxury industry, Chanel's successful advertising productions have also become a benchmark in the industry. We believe that by taking a closer look at the success factors of Chanel's advertising, other luxury brands can draw inspiration from them to improve their own advertising effectiveness and brand impact.


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