Pension System Reform: International Experience and Insights


  • Hanyue Zhang
  • Xianglei Duan



Social security system, Pension system, International experience, Pension insurance, Reform.


The purpose of this paper is to analyze and conduct a comparative study of pension system reforms in the international arena in order to obtain experiences and insights from the pension system reforms in various countries. After introducing the basic concepts and current status of pension systems, this paper reviews the history of pension system reform in the international arena and analyzes the reform measures, policy effectiveness, and problems and challenges of different countries. By comparing and summarizing the international experiences and insights, this paper provides references and inspirations for the future pension system reform in China. The study finds that the effectiveness of pension system reform measures and policies varies across countries, but in general can be summarized in four directions: gradually raising the retirement age, increasing personal responsibility, increasing funding sources, and improving administrative efficiency. In addition, there are some common problems and challenges in pension system reforms in different countries, such as political difficulties, social stability, funding gaps, and overly conservative policies. In order to solve these problems, governments need to take into account national conditions and actual situations and adopt reform measures that meet the characteristics and realities of their countries. Comparing the experience and inspiration of international pension system reform, we can find that: firstly, it is necessary to adhere to the people-oriented principle and focus on protecting the basic rights and interests of individuals; secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the institutional guarantee of policies and laws to ensure the continuity and stability of policies; thirdly, it is necessary to play the role of market mechanism to increase the funding source of pensions; fourthly, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and management of the government to improve the management efficiency. These experiences and inspirations are useful for China's future pension system reform.


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