The Economic and Social Development of Fujian Province: Based on Factor Analysis Method


  • Yixing Chen



Fujian province, Economic and social development, Factor analysis method.


Based on the data of the 2020 Fujian Provincial Statistical Annual Report, eight indicators were selected from the perspective of economic development and people's life, and factor analysis was used to evaluate the nine prefecture-level cities in Fujian Province. First, the development status of the 9 prefecture-level cities in Fujian Province in 2019 was derived based on the factor analysis ranking and divided into 3 echelons based on the ranking. The cities in the first echelon are Xiamen, Fuzhou and Zhangzhou; the cities in the second echelon are Zhangzhou, Longyan and Putian; and the cities in the third echelon are Sanming, Ningde and Nanping. Secondly, the development of nine prefecture-level cities in Fujian Province proposed to seize the policy advantages, strengthen infrastructure and give full play to the development of special advantages.


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