Research on the Influence of Teaching Quality on Employment Quality of Graduates in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on Human Capital Effect


  • Yuanping Qin



Teaching quality, Higher vocational colleges, Employment quality Human capital intermediary effect.


Against the backdrop of large-scale enrollment expansion, higher vocational education in China is facing a new task of achieving an "increase in quantity and quality" in the cultivation of technical and skilled talents, and promoting fuller and higher quality employment for vocational college graduates. On the basis of reviewing and organizing relevant literature, this study constructs a conceptual model of the relationship between teaching quality, graduate human capital, and graduate employment quality in vocational colleges, and proposes relevant research hypotheses. Through a questionnaire survey of some vocational colleges in Chongqing, a total of 520 valid data were obtained, and the research hypotheses were validated using SPSS and AMOS software for reliability and validity testing, descriptive statistical analysis, correlation analysis, and structural equation modeling analysis. Research has found that the teaching quality of vocational colleges has a significant positive impact on employment quality, and human capital also has a significant positive impact on employment quality. Teaching quality also has a significant positive impact on human capital; Human capital plays a partial mediating role between the quality of teaching and the quality of employment. The research and analysis results indicate that vocational colleges should fully consider students' career development, reshape their value orientation, position industry needs, adjust professional settings, innovate teaching methods, promote curriculum system reform, strengthen the construction of teachers and teaching resources, collaborate with the main body to build a teaching quality assurance system, improve students' satisfaction with higher education and teaching work, improve teaching quality, and lay the foundation for better achieving high-quality employment.


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