Analysis of the Position of China Information Industry in the Global Value Chain


  • Min Zhang
  • Yaqi Chen
  • Anning Ye



Global Value Chain, Information Industry, Global Value Chain Height Index, Global Value Chain Status Index.


Identifying the division of labor position of China information industry in the global value chain is particularly important for optimizing the structure of China's information industry and improving its overall competitiveness. The article calculates the global value chain revenue generated by the participation of the information industry in the global value chain division of labor production in various countries, and then establishes a global value chain height index to analyze the global scale and development of China information industry; Analyze the degree of vertical specialization of the information industry through the decomposition of international trade flows, and finally calculate the global value chain status index of the information industry in different countries. The results indicate that: (1) the value chain height index of China's information manufacturing industry is continuously decreasing, at the level of middle and lower reaches; The telecommunications industry and computer programming industry in China information service industry are in an upstream position in the value chain. (2) There is an imbalance in bilateral trade between China and the United States in information manufacturing and information service industries. Compared to the United States, China information industry has a lower value chain position. The United States mainly engages in research and development, design, and other work, while China is more engaged in less value-added work such as assembly and reprocessing. (3) From the global value chain status index, China information manufacturing industry is at the middle and lower reaches of the world, with Japan firmly ranking first and the United States second. The ranking of other developed countries is basically in the top 20, fluctuating between the middle and upper reaches. The position of China's information service industry in the global value chain is at the mid to upper level. Russia, Japan, and the United States are among the top three countries in the global value chain of the information services industry, while developed countries such as the UK, France, and Germany are in the upper reaches of the information services industry.


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