Recognition and Prediction of Precursory Feature Signals of Coal Mine Rock Burst Based on Random Forest and MK Trend Test


  • Tianhang Yang



Coal Mine Rock Burst, Precursory Characteristic Signals, Random Forest, MK Trend Test, Perceptron


This paper aims to identify and predict the precursory characteristic signals of coal mine rock burst by employing the Random Forest and MK (Mann-Kendall) trend test methods. Initially, the study conducts data preprocessing and analysis on indicators such as electromagnetic radiation intensity, acoustic wave intensity, and type. It uses clustering methods to distinguish various data types and analyzes the data after visual representation. The visualization of data illustrates the distribution and trends, which aids in understanding the characteristics of the data, such as the upward trend observed in precursory feature data. During the data preprocessing phase, diagrams of various classes of data for Acoustic Emission (AE) and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) intensity are presented, providing an intuitive reference for subsequent analysis. The research utilizes the Random Forest algorithm and MK trend test to recognize precursor signals and predict their occurrence intervals. The Random Forest model is chosen for its efficiency and accuracy in handling classification and regression issues, while the MK trend test provides a statistical basis for identifying precursory signals by analyzing monotonic trends within the dataset. This study not only enhances the accuracy of precursory signal identification for coal mine rock bursts but also offers scientific early warning and control measures for coal mine safety production, which is of significant practical value.


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