Research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Path Planning


  • Lingzhi Jiang
  • Qiwu Wu
  • Weicong Tan
  • Tao Tong
  • Weiyi Zhang



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Path Planning, Intelligent Optimization Algorithms


This paper reviews and analyses the research progress in the field of UAV path planning. Firstly, the importance of UAV path planning and the current research work related to UAV path planning are introduced. Then how UAV path planning is modelled is analysed and key issues to be considered are given. Finally, classical search algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, heuristic search-based algorithms and deep learning methods are analysed in UAV path planning. For each method, its principle, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and applicable scenarios are analysed. The aim of this paper is to provide a comprehensive overview for researchers and scholars in the field of UAV path planning in order to promote the development and application of related technologies.


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Jiang , L., Wu , Q., Tan, W., Tong, T., & Zhang, W. (2024). Research on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Path Planning. Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems, 8(3), 22-24.