Research on The Innovative Development of Digital Media Art in The Era of Artificial Intelligence


  • Sixian Li



Artificial Intelligence, Digital Media Art, Innovative Development


From desktop design to virtual imaging, digital media art has jumped beyond the "screen" and undergone tremendous changes in the past few decades. Its application fields have also shifted from the initial graphic design and film and television special effects to display design, military, geography and other fields. Digital media art brings novel audio-visual experiences and provides convenience in life. Human activities are closely connected with digital media. Digital media art relies on digital media technology to artistically display creativity, which has a profound impact and is crucial to the development and growth of cultural and creative industries. In order to explore the characteristics and future development of digital media art, this article uses interdisciplinary research methods, comparative research methods, literature research methods, etc. to understand the relationship between digital media technology and artificial intelligence, from the perspectives of technology, communication, and art Let’s observe the current performance of digital media art as it becomes more and more intelligent, find out the problems and solutions hidden under the wave of intelligence, and explore the innovative development strategies of digital media art.


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