Design of Telemedicine Service System for the Elderly from the Perspective of Active Aging


  • Huiqian He
  • Yihao Tan
  • Yuan He
  • Qianwen Xu
  • Taotao Yang
  • Xiaojiang Peng



Active Aging, Telemedicine, Elderly, Service System, Health Management


The rapid development of population aging has brought many problems to human society, and the health of the elderly has become a focus of social concern. As an important tool to support the health of the elderly, telemedicine service systems are significance to the realization of active aging. This study aims to explore a telemedicine service system for the elderly that adapts to the needs of active aging, to solve the obstacles that the elderly encounter when accessing medical services, and to provide more convenient, efficient and personalized medical services for the elderly. A mixed research method was used, including a literature review, questionnaires and qualitative interviews. First, a literature review is conducted to understand the concept of active aging and the current status of telemedicine services. Secondly, the opinions, expectations and needs of the elderly and their families on telemedicine services were collected through qualitative interviews and questionnaires. Thirdly, based on the collected information, integrate user behavior data, build a user experience journey map and user role model, and propose design opportunities. Finally, taking into account the physiological, psychological and social needs of the elderly, a telemedicine service system for the elderly was designed, and user testing and feedback were conducted to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the system. The study found that the elderly have a high acceptance of telemedicine services and can meet their basic medical needs, but they also have concerns about technology use, privacy protection and service quality.


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