Research on Wearable Devices Based on the Internet of Things


  • Liu Ao
  • Xude Zhang
  • Piaoyun Wang
  • Ruiwen Wang
  • Zhengju Jia



Wearable Devices, Bluetooth WIFI, Cortex-M3 Microprocessor, Gas Sensor


Wearable devices are closely related to people's lives. This project is based on WIFI wireless communication transmission technology, supplemented by Cortex-M3 microprocessor and MQ-7 gas sensor to design a wearable device. This wearable device can not only achieve basic clock timing, but also achieve functions such as CO concentration detection, voice intelligent recognition, and automatic alarm. In addition, the device adopts an embedded design and adds blockchain technology to achieve data information security and privacy protection.


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Ao, L., Zhang, X., Wang, P., Wang, R., & Jia, Z. (2024). Research on Wearable Devices Based on the Internet of Things. Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems, 8(3), 49-53.