Research on a Machine Vision-based Blade Measurement Method


  • Zheng Zou
  • Peixuan Zhu
  • Tianli Fu



Machine Vision, Oil Pump Blades, Dimension Measurement, Sub-pixel


A high-precision visual measurement method for the geometric dimensions of oil pump blades is proposed, utilizing an auxiliary measurement mechanism to assist in sub-pixel edge positioning. Based on images of calibration boards, the camera distortion is corrected by partitioning the image into regions and establishing a mapping index between pixel coordinates and real-world coordinates. Under fixed object and image distances, images of the oil pump blades and the contact between the blades and the pump are separately captured. The Canny operator and Sigmoid function are employed to fit the edges, extracting sub-pixel coordinates, which are then mapped to real-world coordinates. Finally, a least squares edge fitting is conducted to compute the dimensional parameters. Experimental results indicate that the use of auxiliary measurement mechanisms effectively enhances the precision of blade measurements, as compared to measurements solely based on oil pump blade images and images of the blade in contact with the pump.


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Zou, Z., Zhu, P., & Fu, T. (2024). Research on a Machine Vision-based Blade Measurement Method. Frontiers in Computing and Intelligent Systems, 8(3), 84-89.