Research on the Current Situation of Teachers' Digital Literacy


  • Shasha Liu
  • Haixi Guo



Digital Literacy, Teachers, Digital Literacy Cultivation, Education Digitization


In recent years, artificial intelligence technology has developed rapidly and has been widely used in the field of education. In the new era, the digital transformation of education is an important content of the development of education, and as the core and key link of the digital strategy of education, the cultivation of their digital literacy has become a hot topic of educational research at home and abroad. In the process of digital teaching in China, teachers play an important role, and the improvement of their digital literacy has been regarded as a "required course". This paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the research results of teachers' digital literacy through the literature review method and the retrieval and analysis of the relevant literature at home and abroad. On this basis, this paper also analyzes the existing problems of teachers' digital literacy and puts forward corresponding improvement strategies, in order to provide some reference for the digital literacy training education of teachers in China.


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