Research and Path Design of the Problem of Postgraduate Entrance Examination and Hot Seat Occupancy from the Perspective of Information Economics


  • Xiaotian Yan
  • Chen Hu
  • Zejiong Zhou



Postgraduate entrance examination, Information economics, Game theory, Nash equilibrium, Pareto improvement.


In recent years, the expansion of colleges and universities and the further improvement of the talent market have led to a sharp increase in the number of postgraduate entrance examination, which forms the contradiction between supply and demand with the limited number of teaching infrastructure allocation in the short term, and most colleges and universities have formed a common phenomenon of "postgraduate entrance examination". The situation of postgraduate students is becoming more and more serious, so how to make corresponding measures to alleviate this phenomenon is of important strategic significance. This paper takes the perspective of information economy, mainly using game theory and Nash equilibrium to analyze the causes of the phenomenon, and uses Pareto improvement to put forward feasible suggestions to improve the phenomenon. It is hoped that the current phenomenon of postgraduate entrance examination occupancy can be alleviated, so that more resources can be fully utilized.


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26 July 2022

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Yan, X., Hu, C., & Zhou, Z. (2022). Research and Path Design of the Problem of Postgraduate Entrance Examination and Hot Seat Occupancy from the Perspective of Information Economics. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 3(3), 13–16.