Analysis of the Technology and Production of 3D Animation Action Setting


  • Xiaohui Huang
  • Nan Wang



Role action, Action set, key pose, Personalized action.


Both human body and animation have certain lines. The human body will show various lines when walking, sitting, and running in daily life. But it is all an expression of the principle of expressive weight balance. It is necessary to outline the human body with lines in one sentence, and the animation effect should be given priority. From this sentence, we know that the action setting and the personalized display is particularly important. At the same time, different amplitude, same amplitude, different time, different quality, same amplitude and same time are all the characteristics of a character. In the process of three-dimensional animation, the twelve principles are to make the story more complete and more in line with the actual and complete deduction. This paper takes action setting, key pose, and personalized action in 3D animation as the research object, and adopts the method of combining software application with practice. First of all, the key pose is captured by shooting various action references and using scene actions. After that, the remaining keyframes are supplemented. There are two essential points in the production of keyframes. First, the lines and curves of the human body can also be called the silhouette of animation. Second, the selection and the determination of key poses are personalized action presentation. This paper gives the corresponding solutions. It is hoped that the display of key poses and personalized actions and the application of the Twelve Principles can provide valuable experience and skills for animation makers.


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26 July 2022

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