Translation of Cosmetic Trademark Names in Eco-Translatology


  • Xue Tang
  • Dijiang Luo



Eco-Translatology, Cosmetics, Trademark name translation.


Under the influence of global economic integration, a large number of foreign cosmetic brands have entered the Chinese market, and many domestic cosmetic brands have gradually gone international. The brand name represents the core ideology and and molds the image. Therefore, the translation of cosmetics brand name plays a vital role in the sales of products and the improvement of market competitiveness. Eco-Translatology is a paradigm of ecological translation studies rooted in eco-reason and synthesized from an ecological perspective. It originated and was displayed in an upsurge of worldwide ecological theories to synthesize and describe the entire ecology of translating and translation theories proper (including the essence, processes, criteria, principles, methods, and factual cases of translation) from the ecological perspective, drawing support from the isomorphic metaphor between the translation ecosystem and the natural ecosystem; conceived in ecological holism; subordinated to Eastern ecological wisdom; probing into textual ecology, translator-community ecology, translationenvironment ecology, and their interrelationship; and narrated in ecological terms and an ecological manner. Based on the micro-level translation of ecological translation, this paper try to explore the translation methods of cosmetics brands name from four aspects: grasping multi-dimensional conversion, creating a new situation, adapt to the translation ecology and consider subjects and environment.


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14 September 2023

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