*Thinking on the Delisting of ST Collin due to Financial Fraud

Based on the Perspective of Business Ethics and Professional Ethics


  • Liangyu Zeng




Collin Environmental Protection, Financial fraud, Business ethics, Professional managers, Professional ethics


The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) announced 2022 financial fraud cases are common, but because of the professional managers of false manipulation is rare, so this paper selected Collin environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. based on business ethics and professional ethics perspective on its delisting due to financial fraud analysis, respectively, on the company's accounting staff and professional managers to reflect on the perspective, and to address the problem of the corresponding solutions and recommendations, hoping for the current corporate moral governance imbalance in the reality of the problem of reflection, the company's accounting staff and professional managers. We also propose corresponding measures and suggestions to solve the problem, hoping to provide reflection and reference for the reality of the imbalance of corporate moral governance, and expecting practitioners to improve the quality of professional ethics and to be alert to the ethical edges.


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