Digital Economy Mechanisms and Tests for Promoting Common Wealth


  • Baoxiang Fei
  • Liju He
  • Fangxia Liu
  • Biyang Li



Digital economy, Common wealth, Spatial spillovers, Mediating effects, Urban heterogeneity


This paper focuses on the two development strategies of digital economy and common wealth, explores the effect, mechanism and spatial spillover effect of digital economy on common wealth, and further examines the heterogeneity of cities of different sizes and locations. The study finds that the digital economy can increase the level of common prosperity development by 37.1%, and effectively reduce the ratio of urban and rural per capita disposable income, and positively affect the level of common prosperity development in neighboring areas through spatial spillover effects. The mechanism test shows that public management, human capital, R&D and innovation play a significant positive mediating role in the development process of the digital economy affecting the common wealth. The study also confirms that the impact of the digital economy on shared prosperity decreases with the expansion of urban population size, and plays a greater advantage in the location of non-core cities.


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Fei, B., He, L., Liu, F., & Li, B. (2024). Digital Economy Mechanisms and Tests for Promoting Common Wealth. Frontiers in Business, Economics and Management, 15(2), 347-349.

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