The Washback of IELTS Listening on Senior School English Listening Teaching and Learning


  • Ziyan Wen
  • Yunzhuo Zhou
  • Mengyuan Li
  • Yajing Lu
  • Yuanyuan Chen



Washback, IELTS listening, Teaching and learning.


IELTS test is one of the well-known international standard level of English language ability test for those who intend to use English as the language of communication in the country or regions to study or work. This study was conducted in Mainland China with a number of 12 senior high school students, aiming to explore the washback of IELTS listening and based on the findings to give some suggestions on English listening teaching and learning. Thirty percent of the original test paper was revised and quantitative data was collected. Statistics analysis was used for evaluating the obtained data. This finding highlighted the importance of listening strategies in listening test and and the washback on teachers’ teaching and students’ learning.


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19 September 2022

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