Research on the Cultivation Mechanism of "Five Integrations " Oriented to Industrial Demand


  • Ziao Dong
  • Liya Wang
  • Jing Wang
  • Chunying Zhang



Enterprises and universities integration, Science and education integration, Universities integration, Three-innovation integration, Disciplines integration.


 In recent years, with regard to the training of engineering talents, the phenomenon that theoretical knowledge and practical skills can not be well combined has become increasingly prominent, and it is urgent to reform and innovate the training mode and standards of engineering talents. At the same time, the reform of training mode should adhere to the development needs and problem-driven of national talents. This paper intends to study the training standards of new engineering talents, take coping with changes and shaping the future as the construction concept, take inheritance and innovation, cross-integration, coordination and sharing as the main ways, take training high-quality engineering and technical applied talents in the field of artificial intelligence as the goal, take the development needs of modern industry as the guidance, and combine with the discipline characteristics of the school. This paper studies the innovative construction mode of "Intelligent Science and Technology" specialty, and explores the establishment of "five integrations" training mechanism of enterprises and universities integration, science and education integration, universities integration, three-innovation integration and disciplines integration.


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20 September 2022

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Dong, Z., Wang, L., Wang, J., & Zhang, C. (2022). Research on the Cultivation Mechanism of "Five Integrations " Oriented to Industrial Demand. International Journal of Education and Humanities, 4(3), 73–75.