Study of Francis Bacon's "Four Illusions" from a Psychological Perspective


  • Bei Huang



Bacon, Four illusion theory, Psychology.


 In the development history of modern Western materialism, Francis Bacon is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding philosophers. He devoted all his life to the realization of the "great revival" of science, for which he wrote a masterpiece "The Great Revival" with "New Tools" as the main body, and put forward the "four illusion theory" and scientific induction in "New Tools". Bacon, through the analysis of the collective illusion, caves illusion, market illusion and delusion theater, showed that illusion hindered the people on the correct understanding of things, but the illusion couldn't be eliminated fundamentally. This article starts from the content of the four illusion and its relationship with psychology, from the psychology perspective to discuss the four illusion theory, hoping to promote people’s understanding on things.


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17 May 2023

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