Study on adsorption and purification materials for ethylene in cold storage


  • Jiandong Yang
  • Xintang Shan
  • Xueping Huang
  • Hao Yang



Zeolite, Cold storage, Purification effect, Assessment.


In view of the lack of systematic quantitative and comparative studies on the purification effect of ethylene adsorbent in cold storage, starting from the selection of purification materials, this paper analyzed the purification effect of different zeolite materials on ethylene through a small test chamber, and screened out the best zeolite adsorbents used in self-made purification device. Combined with characterization analysis, purification efficiency evaluation and adsorption capacity of zeolite material, the removal performance of ethylene was investigated. The results showed that the zeolite samples with rough and porous surface showed better adsorption performance for ethylene. The larger the specific surface area and total pore volume, the stronger the adsorption capacity to ethylene. In addition, the presence of Na elements and mesoporous increased the exchange capacity and pore volume, which also played a certain role in the ethylene adsorption process. Experimental result demonstrates that clean air volume (CADR) of ethylene is 232 m3/h, the ethylene removal rate at 30 min is 98.19%, and the purification energy efficiency is 1.39. At the same time, the adsorption capacity of the selected zeolite sample is 1380.5 μg/g by dynamic adsorption experiment, and the service life of the filter element of the self-made purification device is estimated to be 166 days. This study can provide a theoretical basis for ethylene purification in cold storage.


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