Exploration of Discrete Mathematics Teaching Reform for Professional Accreditation of Higher Engineering Education


  • Ning He
  • Ruizhe Zhang
  • Jing Jiang
  • Ping Yang
  • Jinhui Shen




Engineering Education Professional Accreditation, Discrete Mathematics, Teaching Reform, Assessment Methods


Discrete mathematics is one of the professional core courses in the major category of computer science, to meet the teaching objectives of discrete mathematics in the engineering education certification of computer science and technology, we carry out reforms in terms of sorting out the teaching objectives and the teaching methods, teaching methods and assessment methods to meet the characteristics of discrete mathematics as well as the problems existing in traditional teaching. The results of the teaching practice show that the students' learning initiative and learning synthesis skills have improved.


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He, N., Zhang, R., Jiang, J., Yang, P., & Shen, J. (2024). Exploration of Discrete Mathematics Teaching Reform for Professional Accreditation of Higher Engineering Education. Journal of Education and Educational Research, 9(2), 48-51. https://doi.org/10.54097/pff72p57

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