The Current Status and Strategies for the Professional Adaptability of Newly Hired Psychology Teachers


  • Lin Dai



Newly Appointed Psychology Teachers, Professional Adaptability, Sustainable Development


Educators play a central role in the education system and are crucial for enhancing the national level of education. In today's era, an increasing number of young individuals are entering the education sector, with a considerable proportion being new teachers. The adaptation period for new teachers entering the profession is a key time for deepening their understanding of the educational career. Research through numerous literature reviews has found that while studies on kindergarten and primary and secondary school teachers are abundant, there is a relative lack of research on the professional adaptability of teachers specifically engaged in psychological education. This study aims to address the professional adaptation issues of newly appointed psychology teachers. It intends to provide a sustainable development platform for these new teachers through professional development and targeted solutions to specific problems, helping them to overcome obstacles in their professional growth process. Practical recommendations and strategies are proposed to fill the gaps in existing research.


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